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Catalyst Fit Mission

Provide evidence-based knowledge, support, and accountability for our clients to become confident and capable to continue to optimize their health & fitness on their own.

Know and practice a consistent exercise program 

  • that offset typical muscle loss as we age

  • that builds and sustains strong bones

  • that optimizes VO2 Max

  • that creates balanced muscle integrity and strength

  • that keeps muscles and joints moving as they were designed

  • that improves balance and stability

Know and practice a way of eating

  • that keeps inflammation low

  • that keeps energy levels consistent throughout the day

  • that allows you to create space before reacting to stress triggers

  • that optimizes a healthy body composition

  • that improves all blood/urine lab work markers

  • that prevents/reverses/slows progress of multiple diseases:  chronic, mental, brain & autoimmune

Know there is no end point, create a mindset

  • that keeps your journey fresh and engaging

  • that keeps you learning and adding new evidence-based habits that resonate with you

  • that knows what foundational habits are integral to maintaining your current level of health & fitness

  • that is resilient to all naysayers

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