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Catalyst Fit Personalized Nutrition & Zone 2 

Optimize body composition  |  Autoimmune issues  |  Type 2 diabetes  |  Inconsistent energy levels

Brain fog  |  Lack of results / plateaued  |  Feel older than you should  

Our nutritionist, Jennifer Hummel, works with a variety of clients focusing on a root cause approach.  Weight gain doesn't happen first.  Typically there is an underlying issue like insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, high uric acid, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance...that causes fat accumulation.   


Our focus is on learning your story, figuring out with our tests, your thoughts, your blood work what your foundational challenges are and use evidence-based lifestyle habits to heal and reboot your body.  We focus on personalized sustainable habits.  

  • Weekly one-on-one session with experienced nutritionist

  • All testing:  RMR, VO2 Max, 3D Scan

  • Finger prick blood tests:  glucose, ketones, uric acid, lactate

  • Constructive feedback on daily food app

  • Expert support & timely response

  • Access to cardio equipment for Zone 2 training

  • Encouraged to get specific lab tests done through doctor or Any Test Now

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