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Catalyst Fit Personal Training

Optimize body composition  |  Increase strength  |  Improve balance & stability  |  Optimize mitochondrial health

Improve bone density  |  Increase lean mass  |  Optimize VO2 Max & RMR  |  Improve athletic performance 

Improve range of motion  |  Improve longevity & healthspan

There are so many benefits to having an experienced coach as part of your team.  If you haven't exercised in a while or you are recovering from an injury guidance is key.  If you are unfamiliar with effective exercises and good form knowledge is key.  If you are busy and finding time is difficult accountability is key.  If you do exercise but tend to just go through the motions a coach that knows just the right way to challenge you is key.


Signature Training


Signature Training


Signature Training

  • All personalized exercise components

  • All personalized nutrition components

  • All testing:  RMR, VO2 Max, 3D Scan

  • Finger prick blood tests:  glucose, ketones, uric acid & lactate

  • Access to infrared sauna, NormaTec compression therapy and Bobo stability trainer

  • Encouraged to get specific lab tests done through doctor or Any Test Now

  • Minimum 4 hours experienced one-on-one exercise & nutrition coaching each month

  • Encouraged to access studio an additional 4-8 visits a month

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