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Catalyst Fit Testing

If you have fitness goals, you need to know your numbers.  This is how you personalize your program.  This is how you know the habits you are adopting are working for you.  This is how you create a sustainable habit. 


The scale is just one metric.  It's a valuable morning "mindful minute" to review the last 24-36 hours and set your day's intention.  It does not tell you that you are a fat burner, that you are creating and keeping lean mass, that you are optimizing your RMR while improving overall health. 


Too much data can be just as bad as too little.  Only you can decide what metrics motivate you and which overwhelm you, it's your journey.  We still feel these are key and therefore make testing accessible to all, not just our training clients.

Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Know the number of calories you burn if you were to lay in bed all day

  • Know whether you metabolism is normal, low or high

  • Know if you are currently a sugar burner or fat burner 

  • Know your fasting blood glucose, uric acid, lactate and ketone levels

  • Morning test

  • No food, no coffee/caffeine, no exercise prior to test

  • Water is good

  • Test is 13-16 minutes long



VO2 Max 

  • Know your actual heart rate zones

  • Know your overall fitness level which is equated with longevity of life

  • Know your resting lactate level

  • No exercise before test is preferable

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Test is performed on treadmill

  • Test is 6-12 minutes long


3D Scan

  • Know your body composition:  lean mass, fat mass & visceral fat mass

  • Know how many pounds of fat loss needed to optimize body composition

  • Know 22 accurate measurements including health risk

  • Form fitting pants/shorts for all

  • Sports/bra or form fitting shirt for women

  • Scan takes less than one minute

  • Mornings preferable but not necessary

Complete Metabolic Assessment Panel
RMR + 2 3D Scans
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