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Trevor Davis

About a year and a half ago, I moved to Richmond to attend Virginia Commonwealth University to complete my Master’s Program in Health and Movement Science with a Concentration in Exercise Physiology.


As a retired collegiate athlete, my focus has always been how to maintain one step ahead of the competition. I have experience ranging from physical and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, resistance and aerobic training and conditioning.  Now, I want to stay one step ahead in the ongoing battle against time.


Here at Catalyst Fit, I want to share the knowledge that I have acquired and experience to create a more personal training environment. Until now, health, fitness, exercise and everything synonymous has been my life and that’s what I want for you. To me, exercise is the best and only medicine. There is no better place that uses evidence based knowledge to help further personalize your experience

Contact us and let us show you what your body can really do!

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