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  • The Obesity Code - Dr.Jason Fung - Great overview of the role insulin resistance plays in weight gain.

  • The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living - Drs. Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney - Covers most of the current research and studies on ketogenic diets.

  • The Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets - Dr. Eric Kossoff, et al. - Dense collection of research focused mainly on epilepsy and other disorders, but contains some excellent research notes and dietary information.

  • Fat for Fuel - Dr. Joseph Mercola - Ketogenic and LCHF diets viewed largely from the perspective of therapeutic properties, cancer prevention, and overall health, rather than strictly weight loss.  

  • The Big Fat Surprise - Nina Teicholz - An investigative reporter delves into what caused the low fat craze, and why it is so dangerous.

  • Deep Nutrition - Dr. Catherine Shanahan - The author focuses on the importance of heirloom and fermented foods, gut health, and whole animals.  Of significant note is the research done on the dangers of vegetable oils.

  • Wired to Eat - Robb Wolf - One of the principal voices behind Paleo-type diets, Wolf provides a lot of good advice in overcoming common obstacles, and personalizing nutritional choices.

  • Undoctored - Dr. William Davis - The book paints a too-negative image of doctors, but makes a number of good arguments about the health industry as a whole.  The author of Wheat Belly, Davis does an excellent job of getting into mineral and vitamin needs on a LCHF diet, and has a ton of good general information.

  • Why We Get Fat - Gary Taubes - Written by one of the pioneers of journalistic research on sugar, this is the most easily accessible of his books.

  • The Insulin Resistance Solution - Dr. Rob Thompson - A great introductory book that also includes a ton of recipes.  

  • Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking - Maria Emmerich - In addition to having plenty of great recipes, the introduction is a great crash course on many of the big picture ways to think about nutrition.  Emmerich also covers in detail the varying sweetening options that can fit within a low carbohydrate diet.

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