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At any time any one of us can be starting over again. We tend to think the grass is greener for some, that it must be so easy because of the business they are in or because their lives just seem so less hectic. Why do set backs happen? Why do we start manifesting "bad" habits that we haven't done in months, years or even decades?

I'm not going to go into all the whys that made me back track so significantly, but I did know it was my mind directing me and my body to negative outcomes. I am an avid reader. Many of my best reads in 2018 focused on the mind body connections. The mind controls the body. Pay close attention to how you speak to yourself, it is a game changer.

That being said, I'd like to share my new year, new me results to date. I did start training with Trevor just about 3 months ago. I need to just show up and allow the experts to do their thing. I began dialing my nutrition back to fat burner by intermittent fasting. Majority of my foods were low carb, high fat & moderate protein but my portion sizes & going home from work cravings hindered my results.

January 1st I made a commitment to be perfect in my eating and what happened? Well of course trying to be perfect I gained a couple of pounds. But, I dialed in again this past week, stopped worrying about perfect, talked more positive to myself and just did what I know our bodies thrive on. The same thing I have seen again and again and again with each of our clients.

From January 1, 2019 to January 19, 2019

  • I am down 2.6 pounds

  • I am down 3.5 pounds of fat

  • I am down 3.5% body fat

  • I have gained 0.9 pound of muscle

  • 21 measurement points, I have lost 13.1 inches (-8 inches from my torso; -3.6 inches from my legs)

Not bad at all! There is a science. And we all need support to get our brain talking in the right way to our bodies. Our journeys never end.

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