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Top 3 Reasons to Choose CatFit SPT

Catalyst Fit Semi-Private Training : Become one of the 8%

This is the time of year that so many of us are caught on the wave, the wave of people joining health clubs. It's expected that we start exercising January 1st, to take on our health & fitness goals, yet only 8% achieve them. There is never enough time. Stress of our normal day is overwhelming. We procrastinate trying to decide on the "perfect" plan. We feel alone and awkward, everyone is looking at us.

CatFit SPT: Time management

  • 60-minute personalized program based on your goals.

  • Each program includes dynamic warm-up, mobility drills. This is in preparation for the strength & metabolic components.

  • A well formulated program based in science, supported by proper body prep, under expert guidance helps achieve proper form, meaning the greatest impact while remaining injury free.

Coach Trevor:  The next lift

CatFit SPT: Decrease stress

  • Each one of us makes hundreds of decisions from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.

  • Creating a consistent exercise routine is tough for most of us. Doing the research to develop a program is time consuming.

  • A workout is better than nothing, but a program gets you to your goals.

  • CatFit SPT allows you to turn off your brain. Show up. No stressful crowds to work around. No decisions to make. The ultimate hour of self-care.

CatFit SPT: Support from a like minded community

  • Whether you need to lose weight, or you are working on increasing performance and overall health, it requires a journey. No health and fitness goals happen overnight. Plus, we would all like to continue to improve for a lifetime and stop the yo-yoing.

  • Individualized exercise program in the company of 3-5 others creates motivation. These are the people that are going to notice your effort, your energy, your resilience. They are going to help make the journey enjoyable. Enjoyable equals sustainable!

To make sure that we are the best fit for your needs. To allow us to create your proper program. Set your one-on-one Semi Private Training Evaluation today with Tim, Trevor or Jesse.

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