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Catalyst Fit: Not Your Typical Fitness Studio

Catalyst Fit is on a mission to create fat burners. When our bodies switch fuels from sugar to fat we reboot all our systems. Weight drops. Exercise performance increases. We reverse multiple diseases. Our bodies work the way they were created to function. We are fit, healthy, energized.

At Catalyst Fit we use science to get you the results you desire. Our strategies are personalized based on fitness testing. There is no guessing. Our nutrition and exercise programs are efficient to fit into any lifestyle and very effective. There is a formula, there are troubleshooting tools so you can easily create long lasting change.

Our systems preserve muscle as you lose body fat. Our clients drop more inches than pounds. One client her 3D scan results on day 41 confirmed 15 pounds and 23.7 inches lost. We do not negatively affect resting metabolic rates. We verify this through multiple Korr RMR tests. Meaning we lower the chances of gaining weight back.

We review our clients blood work. Our goal is to reverse insulin resistance, we need to lower A1C and fasting blood glucose levels. We work on Dr. Catherine Shanahan’s theory that 89 mg/dl fasting glucose is starting point of weight gaining. We educate our clients, prepare them to question what their doctors tell them. How to ask for more specific tests, like particle size of cholesterol, or just saying “no” to medications. Our clients are taking control of their health. Multiple doctors are asking them “how?” The good doctors are using terms like “refreshing!” The ones that need to be replaced are ignorant of the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis, the ones that don’t listen to our clients when they try to explain the weight loss did not come from the medicine they prescribed last time.

We offer complimentary consultations. We need you to know the science, to understand it, to know that it will work for you. It is not lack of willpower! We have been bombarded by false information for forty years. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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