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The Diabetes Prevention Program



  • Body Mass Index (BMI) > 25 kg/m^2



  • A1C between 5.7 and 6.4

  • Fasting glucose between 100 and 125 mg/dl

  • Plasma glucose (2 hours after 75g glucose load) between 140 and 199 mg/dl

  • Clinically diagnosed gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) during a previous pregnancy

  • You qualify as AT RISK through the screening result for type 2 diabetes on the American Diabetes Association Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test

DPP Interest List

Thanks! We Hope To See You In September!

Diabetes Prevention Program

Catalyst Fit is proud to team with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in offering the Diabetes Prevention Program.  

The DPP is a year-long lifestyle change program proven to delay and even prevent Type 2 diabetes and other significant health problems in at-risk populations.

While anyone is welcome, the DPP is primarily intended for adults with prediabetes. 

As one of the few fitness centers with conditional CDC DPP approval, Catalyst Fit uses a holistic program focusing on improving the body-insulin relationship through nutrition, exercise and activity, stress control, and general wellness.

Course Overview

The DPP is a year-long program of education, nutrition, weight, and activity monitoring, and personal and community support.

Classes are held weekly, becoming less frequent as the year progresses.  A total of 23 classes are held per year, and a weekly dietary (including complementary access to our nutrition software) and activity log will be kept.  Ketone and/or Glucose tests will be taken periodically.  Clients will receive ongoing support throughout the program from Catalyst Fit.

The CDC target is a year-over-year weight loss of at least 5% and improved blood markers.  Catalyst Fit takes this a step further and expects that full compliance will result in a weight loss of at least 10% and a reversal of prediabetic indicators.



Course Outline

The projected class outline for the first 12 sessions of our September enrollment is below. 

  1. Introduction/Setup, What Is Diabetes?

  2. Insulin's Role and Effect in the Body

  3. Insulin and Blood Sugar Control Part 1 - Nutrition

  4. Insulin and Blood Sugar Control Part 2 - Exercise and Activity

  5. Insulin and Blood Sugar Control Part 3 - Other Lifestyle Solutions

  6. Common Nutritional Problems and Mistakes

  7. Nutrient Density

  8. Coping With Stress

  9. Effective Exercise Programming 

  10. Shopping and Cooking at Home

  11. Sleep and Wellness

  12. Eating Well Away From Home

Next Steps...

The program will begin the second week in September, tentatively Tuesday, September 11.

The DPP cost is $44 per month and runs for one year.  

If you are interested and would like to be included in our mailing list for the program, please fill out the form at the top of the page.  No payment or commitment is needed at this time.  We will provide you with more information as the start date nears.

In addition, please list the best days of the week and time of day for you to attend the lecture series.  We will have limited availability, but will attempt to choose the time(s) that work best for the majority of clients.

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