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Semi-Private Training

Catalyst Fit now offers evening semi-private training (SPT) sessions.  These classes are limited in size and feature much of the same individualized programming as our one-on-one training.

Our assessment program will take into account current levels of fitness, mobility, coordination, and comfort level to see if SPT is a good fit.  We will perform an initial body scan, goals will be discussed, and specific exercise programming will then incorporate all of these factors.  Programming will be updated as the client progresses.

Workouts include a mobility/warm-up component, specific goal-oriented programming, and cardiovascular and metabolic work.  Sessions are one hour long.

An optional nutritional/lifestyle component (at a $99 one-time fee) can be included to SPT.  We will work with you on designing sustainable nutritional programming and our ongoing dietary tracking will keep you on track.  Sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors will also be discussed and monitored.

Schedule your evaluation with us by clicking through the flyer below or visit our Schedule Appointment page.

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