At-Home Training


We've been experimenting with an at-home program for some time, and the recent health environment has made implementation of a strong remote nutrition and training program important to both our current clients and anyone who is looking to use their time at home to improve their weight, health, and fitness levels.

Schedule a free in-person, telephone, or video conference consultation below.  We will discuss goals, medical and gym history, equipment available, nutritional restrictions, and other relevant information.  We also encourage you to share any recent blood work with us.  You will then be sent a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) video to follow and self-grade, along with a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) in order for us to better establish an appropriate training plan.

Once we have all the information necessary, we'll take a few days to develop an appropriate training plan, which will be sent to you using our Trainerize software.  Workouts can be done at the comfort of your home, and we will provide any additional equipment needed.  We will be constantly working with you, receiving and providing feedback on your program and adapting as you progress.

You will receive daily/weekly emails, videos, and podcasts delving into what defines health.  We will cover key wellness requirements like sleep, stress management, and movement, with ways of incorporating improvements into your experience.  We will also discuss topics such as heart rate variability, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, diabetes, supplements, current health and nutrition research, and anything we can offer that we think will be a value to you.  We all love to read, and there will be reading lists and recommendations.  Use what you find interesting, skip what you don’t!

At this time, you will also be set up on our personalized nutritional software, adjusted to specific goals established in your consultation.   We may assist in monitoring and improving blood sugar and ketone levels.  Everyone faces difference challenges, and our experience with hundreds of successful clients is only a quick call, text, or email away.  We will be by your side throughout your progress.

Schedule your consultation with us by clicking through the flyer below or visit our Schedule Appointment page.  Welcome to Catalyst Coach!

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